Wondering how many people out there are barefoot? My boys always been barefoot and isn't any different than the horse with shoes! Probably better and needs less farrier

2 large irish cobs, both barefoot. Tried shoes in the past because everybody told me I should..... now I m happy with my barefoot babes
My Arab is barefoot, has very nice hooves and I only show him on sand arenas. He's never had shoes. The other ones do have shoes, one because of poorer hoof quality and she kicks the wall in her box, the other one has uneven hooves.
All my horses are barefoot except one:)
My 2 AQH r baref
My pony is barefoot:)
Every horse is different and owners should be open to what is in the best interest of the horse.
My horse is barefoot :)
Both of mine have very hardy feet and have never had shoes on since they were born (7yr & 4yr old) I also do many different riding styles and still have no issue
i dont put shoes on mine unless the farrier says i should
My last horses have always been barefoot... some people put shoes on the front hooves for shows and if their horse has soft soles....
I only put shoes on mine during show season. He has sensitive hooves and I don't want him to hurt himself. But the rest the year I ride without shoes :)
There is nothing right or wrong, no matter what you or others choose
There are a lot of opinions on shoes vs barefoot. There are diffrent solutions for every horse owner. Things that you need to consider when you choose is the hoof quality and what typ of work your horse does. For exemple, a showjumping horse wich does shows on grass might need shoes to attatch spikes and so on.
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