Good advices to well-groomed my horse for a competition?

It matters the discipline on certain things but... I like PEPI COAT CONDITIONER for the show ring shine!!! I like to put a little oil or shine on my horses muzzle and eyes.. that’s because he is an Arabian. Buy a microfiber mit for smoothing the coat.. do that last thing. But a whitening shampoo for the whites. I like ORVUS for that!! Good luck
Hi Connor, If you have to do a last minute clip, No worries. You can give a hotoil treatment after that clip and your horse looks fine again. Wash , clean and do use a showshine ( i prefer without silicone ) ( not in sadle area) . Use a manemouse before braiding. Good luck in your competition !
Clip at least a week before so everything lays flat (no last minute clipping), make white markings shine with purple shampoos, brush on fly spray instead of products like showsheen which dry out their coats, it gives the same visual effect, hoof oil 20 minutes before entering the ring, have a groom on standby with rags, baby wipes and brushes to keep your horse clean between rounds,
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