How to tell if it's still okay to ride my senior horse (21yo)?

So it really depends on the horse and is he still doing what he loves, as many horses who has been on a very active use and competing can get really depressed if you just stop doing stuff
Well I ride a 27yo 13hh grandpa who is a ex show pony and he is a true powerhouse, nothing lights him up like jumping big like 90cm tracks like he did back in the old days competing at 100m+ He is a very hot temper and his rideability has only become better as younger he be a little too wild and having too much energy to handle😆😆
Thanks a lot everybody for the good quality of advice ! 😘
I ride my 23 year old multiple times a week and jump him. As long as your horse is healthy then it is ok.just make sure you have a good warm up to stretch out with
There is a horse at my barn that is 35 and still can be ridden but only for flat riding
Generally there's no reason why they shouldn't be ridden if they're in good health! Just keep a closer eye on how they deal with the workload maybe. If they're taking longer to recover i.e. Stiff or reluctant to be ridden or tacked its a sign they need to slow down. But if they're in good shape and are still eager then go for it!
If he is healthy and strong I don't see any problem. I still compete with my 20yo in national and international 1,10m/1,15m shows!
I would ask a vet and see how sturdy your horse is :)
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