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How do you keep your horse happy and healthy in cold weather ?

How do you keep your horse happy and healthy in cold weather ?
If a horse has a job in the winter, like regular riding, that helps keep their minds occupied and their blood moving. Keeping them out of the wet is crucial for preventing illness. Horses are hearty, it’s up to you whether or not you blanket, keep their environment in mind.
If you don’t clip he/she probably need a mid weight blanket but if u clip he/she it needs a heavyweight blanket. And give it more hay. Hay is there heat to keep warm.
Lots and lots of brushing and hay
Hi Brian, If you horse is in his natural coat without clipping he (or she ;-) can cope with very low temperatures. Just make sure there is a dry place to stand and Some shelter from the wind. When you feed unlimited rough feed ( Good quality hay) the horse stays warm from digesting his food. If the horse does not shiver you can do without a rug.
Just keep the schedule the same as when it is warmer out, remember that horses regulate there body heat so they only need rugs when it gets to be super cold
For looking after my horse in winter, I used to put a few rugs on him and give him hay in the morning and a bit more of his regular feed each night..... I didn’t have a stable or board anywhere because I lived on a farm, so my horse lived outside with good quality winter rugs and were perfectly fine
If you get the smartpack blanket app you can fill out a survey on your horse like how much it weighs and stuff like that and everyday even in the winter they tell you the temp and if you should put a blanket on your horse, so on really cold days, you should put a blanket on your horse
Pretty much the same things as in summer! But instead of full days on the field he gets paddock turnout, and I make sure to have the right blankets on him and there's no draft in the stable. Food wise he gets more hay more times a day, exercise stays pretty much the same.