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Hey everyone, what are your dreams speakers for our Wednesdays ASK? :)

Hey everyone, what are your dreams speakers for our Wednesdays ASK? :)
@horsealot thank you! So excited!
@shannonfogden You can start to prepare your questions to Andreas Helgstrand :-)
It would be really interesting to be able to ask breeders and dealers like Andreas Helgstrand, Paul Schockemohle, Stephan Conter who are knowledgeable about the business side of top sport
Boyd Martin,Lillie Keenan,Beezie madden,Charlotte Dujarden,& Karen O’Connor
Hey @ponyjumper1234, here is the link to our ASK session with Lillie : . A huge thanks to all of your for your ideas! We are working on booking sessions with as much of these champions as possible, and really excited to unveil the second version of our app which will really improve your overall experience on Horsealot. :)
Where can you find the one for Lillie Keenan?
Lillie Keenan, Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Taylor St Jacques
Kent Farrington, Lorenzo de Luca and Daniel Deusser
McLain ward, cian o Connor, beezie madden, reed Kessler kent farrington, rich fellers,
Nancy whitehead
Kevin babbington
Cian oconnor
Luciana Diniz, Cian O’Cornor, Kevin Staut, Jane Richard Phillips, ...
Luciana Diniz😊
Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Isabel Werth, Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, Severo Jurado Lopes. More dressage riders, pretty much.
Hello and thank you all for your many and excellent ideas ! We are happy to see your investment and we will make every effort to invite your dreams speakers ! We will be pleased to hear any suggestions about the speaker of the moment every week so don’t hesitate !
Also we have already done a ASK session with Lillie Keenan ! So you can find it on Horsealot.

The Horsealot Team.
Lillie Keenan
Chris Burton
bertram allen greg broderick shane breen cian o connor
Reed Kessler, Bezzie Maden, McLain Ward, Georgina Bloomberg, and Kent Farington