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What does everyone want to be and where do you want to study? I want to be a vet and I'm not sure where I want to study

What does everyone want to be and where do you want to study? I want to be a vet and I'm not sure where I want to study
I wanted to be a vet for a while, but something about the way the local vet hospital smelled... I couldn't do it. (That, and have you seen the size of those needles?!) I went into equine business instead. Now, my goal is to build an empire lol. While I do some business coaching on the side right now, I'm focusing on an apparel and gift business, then an equestrian entertainment magazine a little bit down the road.

I did go to college and studied equine business management, but the program I took focused more on business as it related to barns more than anything. That wasn't what I wanted, so I turned to a few amazing business bloggers to further my education. With how fluid and ever-changing the world of business is, I didn't feel comfortable going into debt for a degree when the internet and books are a thing. So far, so good. 😀
I want to work as an rider somewhere in the world, and end up as an professional show jumping rider:)
im going into law (detective & lawyer) as well as training horses but you don't need a degree for that
(Ft. Colin’s) Colorado state is the best..

Or Cornell University
For vet school, I recommend applying to schools in your country. Receiving your DVM overseas requires a large and complex process to come back to your home country and practice veterinary medicine. That being said, vet med is a tough program, so if going to school elsewhere is the only way to get into the program, that may be your backup plan. I'm not at this stage where I've completed my undergrad and can apply, but it will definitely be something to consider later on!
It always sounds appealing to travel to go to school, but if you own a horse, it will make your decision to stay close to home very easy!
I'm from Canada by the way, so it will most likely be different in whichever country you are from. Let me know if you would like anymore advice!
I'm in my third year undergrad hoping to become a vet. Honestly, I don't care where I want to study veterinary medicine. It's a very competitive program to be accepted in, so I will be grateful to study wherever if/when I am accepted!
I'm did two years of my undergrad at the college in my home city, and I'm attending my third/forth year a few hours away at a larger university campus.
I prefer to stay at home/close to home. If your city has a university, you will save a lot of money by staying at home. I did this so I could still ride. Moving a few hours away from home to continue my degree is much more expensive, but since I am only a three hour drive away, I was able to bring my horse with me to school and he will come back home over the summer!
I want to be an equine vet or a vet I'm no t sure were I want to study thought. But I think that a vet is a great choice 👍