I need your help!! I am going to start a new project and I would like to know problems that you use to have with your horse training?

Jess r, draw reins are very helpful if you know how to use them and it depends on the horse, moment, level training...but if you use them in a bad way, you will have different kind of problems.
Using equipment for “training” purposes. I originally thought I would just use draw reins to help the horse know what to do because I was so dumb! Haha I Was told to use them for a month and then try without and I found that after that month was up I had become such a different rider. I balanced so much off my hands and then couldn’t not use the draw reins because they became a clutch. Now everything is great and I haven’t owned an unnecessary piece of leather in ages! But unfortunately it took a very long time to get my horse to carry himself properly because he was so used to running because of my incorrect use of the drawreins
Hi Laura!! I think you are doing great!! If I can help you, just tell me! :-)
I've been working with my QH project horse since November and I purchased him in May. In my guy's case, he came off the track as a 3 year old, then sat in a field for five years where he would go on the occasional trail ride 1-2 times/year. He was decently broke, but my biggest struggle was his ground manners!
The lack of being handled/worked with made not only riding him frustrating, but just fetching him from the field, grooming, tacking up, etc.
once I got a more solid relationship on the ground, I found he was much more willing undersaddle. He began to understand moving away from pressure, and lunging kept his attention on me where I could then repeat verbal cues/clucks later on.
I'm merely a poor university student with dreams of bringing my horse up the levels in dressage. I'm no trainer. However the groundwork definitely helped me help my horse along in his dressage training!
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