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What is the purpose of an ear bonnet?

What is the purpose of an ear bonnet?
Sounds, or bugs and fashion, that's what I use it for.
My Horse, is very sensitive to all sorts of bugs. Thats why I use it. :)
In arena it can’t help with noise
Helps protect their ears from flies
They dont spook because they hear less
If your horse is spooky it helps them not to hear every little thing 🐎👻
Its mostly a fashion item but they have padded one which in my opinion are useless but people think it blocks out sound but so do earplugs
Like the word says fly bonnet but as a fashion item it is also very popular. You have soundproof fly bonnets to reduce noise they are great for sensitive horses.
I use them for noise, flys, and It makes them super nice for shows.
If there’s a lot of noise and your horse is sensitive it’s helpful to block noise. Some people may use them for fashion or flies too!
I use a sound proof bonnet!! Really helps my horse who gets a little worked up with loud noises
Especially for shows I love them for two reasons, one, I think they can be very sharp and super classy, and two, some of them can be noise canceling which is a ‘god sent’ when you have a spooky horse.
Block out noises and flies
A ear bonnet have several functions. First of all, it can protect a horse from getting irritated by flies and other harmful bugs, especially in competition. Some Bonner’s actually help prevent rub from a bridle on a horse’s skin. And how fashionable they can be is just icing on the cake!
Blocks out background noise to help the horse focus. Also helps bugs!
Just for flies!!
to keep flys out of the horses ears or to soundproof their ears without poms
Sound proofing and to keep the bugs out of the horses ears