How to deal with Barn Jealousy? I am doing really well this season, but now, my friends in the barn seem to be a bit jealous of my success.

Ignore them
Thanks a lot girls! It's not very easy to deal with :/ but you really reassure me :)
Find new friends 😂
I had the same problem, nowadays I just ignore them, I still hangout with them as my friends but I never talk about my plans for the next competition and never talk about how I went in the competition even if they saw me jumping. Just relax and don’t give them a reason to be jealous!
ignore them & be happy that someone wants what you have
That's honestly not your problem because their jealousy has nothing to do with you but them. You keep doing what you're doing. If they want to be at the level you are so badly then they need to go the distance to get there as you had to.
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