I've just come back from an injury which stop me riding my pony is now unfit and overweight any tips/plans getting her back into shape as my drag hunt starts in a month? Help ASAP

Thank you so much guys I will def do that put her into today and realised she's not half as bad as I thought she was (weight) fitness ill have to work on tho
Lunging!! And ask someone to ride her!!
Start small maybe do walking for a week to build him up and then gradually start trotting for maybe 2 minutes at a time then break and then again never rush as you can injure a unfit horse very easily.Then introduce cantering gradually again and then some trotting on a loose rein after cantering to let him stretch so he doesn't become stiff then galloping with breaks of walk and then up and down hills or slopes and maybe introduce jumping
Also if you feel he gets tired make sure to turn him out in a field and give him a break day at least once a week also you could give him feed.๐Ÿ‘Good Luck ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€
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