At what point do you give up selling a horse and just keep it? Literally have had the worse time trying to sell one recently.

Thanks guys the problem is he’s a very forward horse which is what scares people I tried to flat out give him away without luck. The problem is he’s actually super fancy and jumps 4+ consistently. Problem is I’m predominantly a barrel racer not as competitive as a jumper so he lacks show miles but for 5k he’s a serious steal but even when he was 2K no one would take him
I had this issue with my first horse, I couldn't sell her and I was jumping higher than she could, had already bought a new horse and after 5 years I was able to sell her. Don't give up, what really helped me sell her, was that I hired someone to jump her in the category she jumps and this way people saw her and if they had interest they'd come to me, and also after some time I lowered the price which also helped.
Try to find the reasons as to why people aren’t interested in the horse and fix them if possible, if not try lowering the price
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