I just sold my horse (that I love more than anything) because I’m jumping higher and looking for a horse that can jumps more. I’m really sad. How can I be the same?

Don't think of it this way. Instead enjoy other novice riders benefiting from your horse and getting more confident with him, try to offer help when you can to the new owner
I passed through the same thing recently, I was sad for a bit however I sold my horse to a nice girl, more a less my age that jumps the category he is really good at and I know he is happy and I am sure your old horse is too. I had this horse since I knew how to jump he took me from 40cm until 1,10, so just remember all the good moments you guys had together and remember that it was for the best, that you guys had and have a great bond that will last forever, even if he is not yours anymore and be excited for your new horse and think about all the amazing new memories you are going to make in this new phase of your life ❤️
Selling horses is always very hard😢Just remember all of the good times you had together, and everything you learned from each other. Now it's their turn to teach someone else all those amazing things. You'll also get to create an amazing bond with your next horse❤️
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