I have a bad knee, it hurts every time I ride and I am a jumper. I’m looking maybe for a stirrup that would help this that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

I Love my Bow Balance from Sprenger Stirrups! I have bad knees also and it keep me very light with no pressure on the saddle! You should try this :)
Not cheap but I had problems with my knees & i bought the Flex-on stirrups I found them amazing & it was totally worth the money also it may depend on where you are but places often have a sample set of stirrups that you can use or try before you Spend the money to buy!
Nah I have had the same issue for about 8 years now it’s just a reaccuring injury because the cartilage is worn out under the knee cap because I did appt of running. Just wondering if there are any stirrups that relive pressure or like cushion or something
Matbe you should try to lift yourself up with your knees, maybe your anvles and stuff get to much work so it hurts in your knee?
Thanks but already tried both :\ @trevorcrawford
Maybe you should try stop riding for a bit. And also if you don’t want to stop riding try a knee brace @miaforster
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