I might be buying a horse from Victoria and I'm moving to NT, does anyone know how he is going to cope with the heat and what can I do to help him climax?

Hi Brittany,
To help reduce the effects of heat and keep your horse comfortable, you should Provide turnout during cooler times of the day (early in the morning, late at night, or overnight). Ensure access to clean, cool (recommended temperature range of 45 to 64°F) water at all times. Water buckets and tanks may need to be cleaned more regularly in hot weather as algae and bacteria grow rapidly in warm water. Free choice access to salt will encourage drinking. Loose salt is preferred over a salt block.
Consider providing electrolytes to horses that have been sweating heavily or are expected to do so. If electrolytes are added to drinking water, also offer plain water since some horses dislike the taste of electrolytes and will drink less. Only use electrolytes that are formulated for horses.Reduce riding intensity and length; heat stress can affect any horse but is especially common in older, obese and out of condition horses. Clip horses with long hair coats
Transport horses during the coolest part of the day. Ensure that trailers are well ventilated and offer water frequently. Do not park in direct sunlight with horses inside.
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