What are the safety precautions should I take for my horse living in pasture?

Oh and make sure to have shaded areas for the summer and covered areas for the winter
Try not to leave a halter on them in the field I don’t with my two guys
make sure there are no plants that are poisonous to them. water at all times. if yoi turn them out in a haltet use a leather or breakaway halter. makr sure there is some type of shade during the summer
Access to water at all times!
You should never turn them out with a nylon halter because if they ever get caught in a fence post the halter won’t break. So either buy a halter with leather breakaways or just a plain leather halter. Another thing you need is appropriate blankets for the weather your horses are facing. If you live in a very cold climate then you need warm blankets and vice versa. Finally make sure that your horses have ac
Good fencing, poo picking to reduce worms and water available at all times, no poisonous plants
Check fencing every day. And gradually let him stay out longer
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