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What are your recommendations to choose the best stallion for my mare?

What are your recommendations to choose the best stallion for my mare?
I've had so many boarders with super athletic horses that no one can do anything with because of bad temperament and always turns out that one parent or another was nuts. These horses end up with low level amateurs who can't afford a horse at the next level.
While the pros in the barn are succeeding with less gifted horses that are easier to manage, don't get hurt, stay healthy, trailer well and just generally do their work like a boss.
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Depends on what breed and how the temperament of the stud is like. All up to you!
Thanks a lot! :)
Great confo, good bloodlines and temperament!
near perfect confo, registered, great pedigree, and proven. your mare needs to have these as well. please breed responsibly. there are many unwanted horses and ones that can barely walk due to back yard breeding. this fuels slaughter. please dont contribute to suffering of all the unwanted horses
What are her faults? What needs to be done to improve them? That is one of the first things that I would go through to pick a stallion. You also need to access the stallions faults and ensure that your mare has those as her strengths. For example, my mare has a lower set neck than I prefer so that would be one characteristic that must be excellent.