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What do you think about the Poponcini bit? Have you used it?

What do you think about the Poponcini bit? Have you used it?
I love it. I tried it on my horse a month ago and he chewing and salivating like never before ! He could feel he felt much more comfortable with this kid of bit.
Hi, I have used it just on one pony but the difference in her was black and white! It is a very good bit for one that is very sensitive or fussy in the mouth. I also agree with Brian in that it is very expensive though so I would try to borrow one before buying as they might not work on every horse. Also if your horse chews the bit this isn't really a good option as they can chew the whole way through the bit!!
Hi Molly, I think it's very expensive! But I saw a big difference with a young horse. This horse had a very sensitive mouth, he didn't feel he could extended on the bit. After few days of work, the horse dare to extend on the bit, he's very relax and salivate a lot (that the main goal of this bit). I jumped for the first time with this bit and I felt a real difference. He stays with me, he doesn't anticipate a fault, a bad action of hand that I can unfortunately have. It's very good feeling ! I recommended to those who had problems with sensitive horses.