I ride an amazing jumper mare. We competed all summer as jumpers. Now we trainer wants to make he dressage. How do I keep her jumper spirit when she is being ridden dressage?

When i had my pony i had to stop jumping for a while and all i did with him was dressage but when we got back to jumping after like 2 weeks he was jumping better than ever because doing dressage helped him to control better his body and he missed it so he really wanted to do it again! I think dressage is good for everyone but you shouldn’t stop jumping if thats what the horse likes
There are lots of cavaletti and pole exercises to keep her focused and busy!
My horse isn't a dressage horse, or a jumper, but he thinks he's good at jumping though haha! I'm trying to turn him into a dressage horse, so the odd pole on the ground keeps his energy up.
Look up Prix Caprilli tests to practice and/or show! It's basically a dressage test with a few (~3) small fences. There are many tests available online for you to view through different dressage organizations. For each organization/federation (example USEF, Equine Canada, CADORA, etc.) there's only one test, and if shown, the heights of the jumps are simply changed. They're fun to play around with though! When being judged in the Prix Caprilli, the judge is marking you on every movement as you would for a dressage test, but you're also marked over the fences (some tests have the fences as a coefficient of 2, some not.)
If anything, the dressage Training will certainly help her jumping if/when she goes back to it, and the poles can help her dressage work!
Hope all goes well for you, and this helped a bit :)
Well that's pretty mean to change your horse into refusing and wasting all your hard work did you give permission 😟
The thing is my trainer is letting someone else ride her for free working on her headset. Now ruby is so focused on keeping her head down she has started to refuse jumps.
You could pop a few fences after your ride but not before as she could get excited and be reluctant to listen to your dressage aids especially if the fences are in the same area 😀
Hi! dressage exercises with ground rails! I guess this could keep is jumper spirit to see poles! 😊
Dressage is supposed to be very energetic, even though its just flat work. Her spirit shouldn’t get dulled out from that if you keep it interesting for her. Lot’s of fun exercises, cavaletti work, conditioning on hills, etc..
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