I have been riding for years and would like to go further but is it true that you have to start competing at an early age and is it very expensive?

Thank you guys so much .... iv had people tell me that i will not be able to do well as i did not compete from a young age ...
thank you for your positive responses
you can compete at any age, you start competing early so you follow your category correctly, however you don't have to and yes it can be very expensive as you have to transport the horse, the competitions fees, however it is totally worth it
Have a go ! Start small and don't expect too much success but mostly have fun
yes it is very expensive
You can start at any age, I does get more expensive as you start do the national comps but you also win a lot of money so I can go hand in hand really
Nope, you can start competing at any age. I never rode at a young age, was more interested in other sports at the time and only now a few years later am I competing and it depends on the shows and how often you go to them, keep in mind of the other expenses as well such as the training that's involved before you go to a show, taking a horse to there etc, hope that helps :)
Nope any age, competing can be expensive but that depends on what you enter, how often and where you go.
Nope some of the best started at later ages
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