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Do you prefer a mare, stallion or geldings? And why?

Do you prefer a mare, stallion or geldings? And why?
I much prefer mares , they can be difficult but once they trust you they will give you there all.
I love stallions. I think in general they have a bad and undeserved rep. Once they get to know and trust you they will honestly give you everything they have. Of course they have their moments at times but so do geldings and mares. That being said my favorite at the moment is a gelding 😂
I have ridden all the above. But for some reason i always fall for my geldings. Just preference
Most mares are sassy and have a lot of personality. They sometime soon are sweet and gentle. Geldings are adorable and most of them have puppy dog personalities. I would reccomens one of those
Stallions have a really interesting actitude and if you know how to ride them and get the most out of them it would be such a good ride
Geldings cause thee a lot more calm
geldings they are calm and easy to work with, mares and stallions can be really difficult
Geldings fo sho they are just big cuddly little horses that don't wanna bite your head off😂 And I find you can bond better with a gelding and a lot are very one person horses
Geldings for sure! They trusting and they would do anything for you! Mares are okay, but can be quite crabby, especially when they're in heat. Stallions are crazy (most of them).
I always sees mares in it for the prize (try hards) although with attitude or a strong character. Ive never had a gelding before not because I dont like them but have ridden some and there bloody playful.
mare because they choose 1 person & they keep the ride interesting
Geldings could give you the world if they could! Always prepared to please. Mares are quite particular but also have an amazing work ethic
Hi, I prefer a mare or a gelding just because stallions are usually very strong and I don't have enough stregth for them