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What are good tall boots?

What are good tall boots?
Mountain horse
Ariat heritage field boots!!
Parlanti there are the best brand
Equiclass/secchari are lovely and worth the money!
I love DeNiro’s!
Ariat Heritage Contour field boots! I've had mine for four years and they still look and feel brand new!
Ariat and Tredsteps!
I really like the Ariat Heritage because they are really comftorbale and last long
Artiat ❤️
Tucci. The only thing about Parlanti’s are they break and tear rlly easy
Celeris, made to measure, not cheap but well worth it with free repairs! Swear by them :)
Parlanti's, deNiro's and Ariats are perfect
Sergio grasso are amazing
I have JTE Nebraska boots
I have a pair of Mountain Horses. Very comfortable and sturdy. Def Recormmend!
ariat all the way