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What's the best way to improve a horses coat? Brushing tips and feed?

What's the best way to improve a horses coat? Brushing tips and feed?
It's not all about what the horse is fed. Most of it is the grooming and bathing the horse receives. For example, your curry comb? It doesn't have to be used in a circular motion. Put some elbow grease into it and really scrub your horse! The dandy brush should be used in a flicking motion along with a flicker brush. Thorough swipe with a soft brush, and wipe your horse down with a clean rag in the direction of the fur. Do not be afraid to put some weight into those brushes. As for bathing, try to not bathe your horse so much as it removes oils from the coat. If you follow these tips your horse will most likely look shiner after every ride! Speaking of after every ride, just in case you don't already, re-groom your horse after your ride. I really hope this helps! Good luck!
add more oli to the horses diet to help its coat however be careful becasue oils and fats can put extra weight on
Linseed oil for sure!!!
Linseed oil really made a difference with my gelding! He’s so shiny!
I found adding garlic, coconut oil and vegetable oil to their feed helps greatly
If your horse has flaky skin and lots of yucky stuff going on its coat I would give it a good scrub with some soothing medical shampoo to help with the bad skin. If the coat is in really bad shape and dull I would maybe clip it to really start on a clear desk and to get everything out from the skin. Giving some omega oils, iron and copper will help in long term.
Omega oil you give it in their grain. I haven’t had to clip my horses sense they have been on it and they are super shiny
Cowboy magic
in general, good care with brushing and lots of fatty acids! oil, line seeds etc
flax seed oil is a great shiner and fattener, coconut oil works wonders too
Hi Jessica! To get your horse's coat into top condition you have to groom him frequently, limits bathing your horse as much as possible, invest in a coast conditioner which adds a shine to and moisturizes!
Coconut oil is amazing. I've been giving my horse only a tea spoon morning and night for like 4 days now and I can already see a difference plus it's good for their bellys
Don't shampoo too often
I curry comb my show horses coats for 30 mins about 4 days a week to help bring the natural oils up to the surface in the show season. You can also add extra oil into their feed which is inexpensive because you can just buy it from the supermarket.
Cocoa soya🤤🤤 Makes the mane, coat and tail so rich and shiny!
Oil helps lots. You can also get crushed linseed mix which helps
lil elbow grease goes a long way + proper nutrition
I feed oil for shine, i normally get chaff/alfa with oil added as i find it easier and i use the haas brushes which are amazing!