Ask @naomishroeder : What do you like in polo and was it a challenge for you?

Hi Emily,

there are three main things that fascinate me about the sport. First I absolutely enjoy being a union with my horses and training them to get the best out of them and out of myself. The best thing for me is playing a game and seeing the ponies going well.
Secondly I also really like that polo is a team sport, which makes it an even bigger motivation for me to be in good shape and not disappoint my team mates.
Third the game itself made me kind of addicted to the whole lifestyle of polo. When you run flat out on your horse trying to hit the tiny ball you get such an adrenalin rush that you literally don't want to get off the horse anymore - well at least that's what's always happening to me :) and because of this it never really was a challenge for me because I fell in love with the sport when I tried polo for the first time.
Regards, Naomi
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