Ask @naomishroeder : Do you travel a lot with your polo team? Which places do you prefer?

Hi Lily,

Yes I do travel a lot. Let me give you an example of this year.
During the winter we leave our horses to rest in Mallorca, where we start training them in the beginning of March. In April we start with a tournament there to get the horses in shape. After Mallorca we went to France to play the first European Ladies Championship in Chantilly. After that I stayed in Chantilly until middle of June to play another 2 tournaments. From there we went to Germany with our horses before going back to Mallorca for another tournament in August. In September we always go back to France once again to play in Chantilly for nearly the whole month. After that we head back to Mallorca to play one last tournament before sending the horses out for the winter break.
Next year we might also add St. Tropez and Sotogrande as new destinations :)
Regards, Naomi
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