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Ask @naomishroeder : What are your polo plans for 2018?

Ask @naomishroeder : What are your polo plans for 2018?
Hi Connor,

I don't have a fixed plan yet but already an idea of course...
So in either January or March I might go to Dubai with my sister to participate in a Ladies Tournament they are hosting there.
In April we will start the season on our own horses in Mallorca. From there we will be going to Chantilly in France to play some tournaments. Before going back to Mallorca in July / August we might go to St. Tropez or Sotogrande. The last two weeks of August I want to try to play a tournament in Deauville before going back to Chantilly in September. From there we go back to Mallorca once again to end the season and putting the horses out for the winter break.