My pony has a very fast trot but when I try slow it down slowly she goes straight into canter. Any tips or youtube links?

Thanks everyone
All ponies have fast trots because they are smaller
It may be useful to try to sit deeper and rise slowly, but at the same time have a good contact with her mouth and keep the rhythm with your legs.
Try and do stirrupless or slower your rising and try to relax your horse can sense that you tense
Half halts
Squeeze really really hard with your knees and half half and give constantly. Short half halts though and when you give, let the horse have a second to respond and slow down. If he is about to speed up then catch it before but make sure you don’t mix up speeding up and when you give. After you give really make sure the horse is definitely going to speed up because if you pull when they relax it’s not rewarding and they won’t ever wanna give. Use your body too. Tighten your core and don’t follow the motion and say whoa/easy or whatever vocal cue you use.
sit deep in your saddle take leg off pull on your rein and if she gets the SLIGHTEST bit slower give her/he relief pull and release motions. Hope I could help!
Just pull back harder
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