I'm 25. Is it too late to take jumping serious, serious enough to turn it in to a career?

No never to late
It's never too late. Just go for it.
No never to late to start what you love. I have a friend who is 25 and she just started dressage
I started riding again after a 15 year break at 32 and am now (2 years later) looking to buy my first horse to compete in both jumping and dressage. Go for it!
No never to late
I would look for someone who has placed in rated events. Anyone that is accomplished in their aspect of competing and has produced some great riders as well. That's what I look for in a trainer
Thank you Brandi, how do I know I have a good trainer what should I look for?
I don't think so. With the right horse and the right trainer, you can go anywhere.
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