I have a 40% torn check ligament in the left front, Veterinary is recommending PRP treatment at least one time. I am wondering at the effectiveness of this treatment?

The PRP treatment often comes "in hand" with a stem cell treatment.

You can also try out the stem cell therapy for these kinds of injuries - it has very good results in tendon and ligament injury treatment, and it leaves no scar tissue.

You can read more about how horse tissue heals and how exactly stem cells can help with the horse tissue healing process in our article shared in our profile.

You can also find some more information about both PRP and stem cell treatments in our shared article about 3 common equine tendon & ligament injuries and ways to treat them.
Hi Cassidy! PRP does not offer a 100 percent reduction in pain for all patients. Rather, PRP therapy can be used as part of a larger treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function.
Less certain is whether or not PRP injections are an effective treatment for other musculoskeletal problems, such as ligament injuries and osteoarthritis. While experts are hopeful and research is promising, more work needs to be done in this particular area.
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