I have a very very girthy horse should I use my whip on her head when she turns?

You just have to put the dressage whip on The inside of her halter so that when she tends to bite she ends up getting a smack on the bum
I already told you nothing is wrong with her the vet came out 2 days ago @arneygrace
I agree with Ciara
Won’t she smack me? @chanel2
Actually on the side you are on put the whip through her bridle or halter so that when she turns she gets a smack
Yeh I have a mare like that you just have to smack her on the nose gently when she tries to bite you you could even try sticking a long dressage whip on the other side of her bridle / halter so that when she turns it gives her a samack on the bum
I agree with ciara
@hollycadams she doesn’t have any problems so when she turn to nip should I just tap her with my whip?
I agree with Ciara
I think I’d rule out ulcers or a poor fitting saddle first. I don’t like to reprimand a horse if he he could in pain :)
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