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How do I get my horse on the bit when he fights to give?

How do I get my horse on the bit when he fights to give?
I have got him sorted now thanks guys
the end to mine was “greatly rewarded him and release:)”
Play with the bit and hold the reins firmly but not to strong in your hands, if you cause your horse stress they wont drop. If you wiggle the bit with your reins your encouraging the horse to relax and round out, not forcing. Once your horse gives in even for a few seconds (this may take days)
Leg to hand! The answer is always (usually) more leg.
I had and still have that problem with my horse. Im working on it and it has improven good sins the beginning. You have to get the horses neck stronger by holding the horses head up on the bit when riding. Now my horse almost carries her self. You don't need to use a stronger bit. Its not always tools that is the solution to everything. You have to be strong as a rider too to be able to help the 500-900 kg animals. Im beating many of the boys in armbak at school from stable work and riding.😂
Without having seen your horse go, my suggestion is more leg lol. But also working on turning, circles, serpentines. Maybe for a little while you need a stronger bit to help get your point across then when you are successful start going back to a softer bit. You always want a horse to seek out the bit and that comes from the leg sending them forward to it. Hope that helps!
Lunging with draw reins helps them go round and find their balance without a rider
Laura you don't understand my horse does know how to he just refuses to with me riding. With his old owners they won royals and were getting 80% in prelim dressage. He knows how to because I have a hack rider get on I'm twice a week and keep him updated but she even has trouble getting his head down.
Then I'd say the solution is that the horse does not have the muscles a long his required to be on the bit and hold his head carriage.So I'd go back to the basics and put a roller and get some side reins as this helps young and older horses that have not been trained to go on the bit.So I'd basically get a roller and side reins you can get them online😀Good Luck
Your welcome trevor
See sawing is the worst idea, sorry Trevor
Laura, I have tried it for the past 4 weeks
I'd never go near seesawing the reins it is the complete wrong way to do it and people will look at u it is an excuse for a bad rider.Your horse might have not been thought how to do it so I'd go back to the basics with a roller and side reins to build up the muscle correctly along the neck to be able to support the head carriage
Hi Sydney,

Have you tried do the seawsaw thing with your reins? Does your horse put his head down when you ride? You can also try lunging and put on side pull reins. Hope this helps 😊

Sincerely, Trevor
It doesn't happen over night how many times have you tried to do it?
Because I've tried that and it doesn't work for him
Any more suggestions
Thanks Laura
I agree with laura