I originally wanted to take lessons for 6 months to a year than lease for a few years than buy. But most places I’ve run into said they do not have a horse I can use due to.

Maybe you could ask somewhere to do liberty work or inhand training with horses so you can spend lots of time around them? I would have to say horses can develop severe back problems if they are made to carry too much weight - hence why many kids are devastated to sell their ponies when they grow taller but the ponies simply cannot take their weight without causing damage to themselves. Maybe join a local equine Pilates club as they do exercises specifically for riding posture and the muscles you use when riding. The riding schools are just thinking in the horses best interest, they really would love you to join their riding school
Boots for jumping and they provide more protection to the leg
you could lease from another barn and board there
im sorry but you do have to realize where they're coming from. i think it would be irresponsible to buy your own horse as the weight could seriously injure & cause pain to the horse. i think it's best that you continue your diet & do a lot of research. i had to know all the parts of the horse, the external muscles, the skeletal structure, and the proper angle of the hooves. you could watch training videos and learn techniques & how to fix common behavioral issues. the more educated you are, the better rider you'll become
first of all I'm do sorry that they said that you can find a good horse that can carry you easily .
Weight. Is t irresponsible for me to buy my own horse to do lessons on ?
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