I’m in the prosess of buying a horse. But every horse I find interesting is either too old, too pricy or too young. The horse marked in Norway is bad. It’s so frustrating 😖

Don't feel bad if it takes you a while to find the horse for you. Look online and ask friends about the horse for you. Don't buy a horse unless you know it's the one for you; don't give up!
Talk to people in the area, they may know of someone that might be looking to sell but hasn't put it on the market. Take your time with buying a horse, you don't want to buy the wrong one, something perfect will eventually come up. Also with the pricy ones, sometimes they're negotiable to the right home so let them know you're interested
There are really good horses in Sweden!
Try to look on Facebook, I'm pretty sure they have some nice groups for buying & selling horses:)
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