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What can I wear instead of breeches?

What can I wear instead of breeches?
I wear leggings but if you were too cold in your reach us you could put leggings under your breeches the only reason you really need your breeches it’s because they’re not as slippery and the part with the little leg covers thing is only so it doesn’t wear down and make a whole overtime so if you use non-slippery leggings or something every once a while you will be fine
In the winter, you can ride with fleece lined leggings as they are both warm and aren’t as slippery as some athletic running leggings are. In the summer, however, I would recommend cheap (think Costco or Walmart) running leggings are they usually are moisture wicking and because they’re inexpensive, any rubbing holes/wear you get in them can be easily remedied by just swapping in another pair and tossing that pair away.
I wear jodhpurs my favourite are Saxon, super comfy!
Leggings or jeans
Aztec Diamond leggings are designed for riding so are super comfortable and look amazing!
Normal leggings!
I wear normal leggings like...all the time lol!
Try polo jeans that Polo and polocrosse players ride in. More comfortable and looser fitting
Running leggings
Long chaps they are amacing fore riding at winter
I find jeggings the best!
Oops I mean they are loose
Leggings. Jeans can irritate your skin because they aren't loose
In Australia there's so many jodhpurs brands for adults, I use both jodhpurs and breeches in adult sizes, the only problem with jodhpurs is the bottoms can rise up but that can be fixed with chaps or jodhpurs clips
Leggings and skinny jeans work just as well as any pair of fancy breeches!
jodphurs are totally different and they don't make them for adults
Jodhpurs- they tend to be a lot che