Can you wear paddock boots with half chaps and spurs?

Yeppp, I were half chaps and spurs over my paddock boots when I am training other people's horses.
Yes my mum does
Yes I do all the time it's so much more comfortable ahahah!!
Yes I do haha
Yep I do! I also use the same 1/2 chaps that I got over 6 years ago - they're quite worn but they still hold together so would definitely recommend to Dublin easy care 1/2 chaps (worth the money and I don't think they're to expensive)
I'm 5'3 and stick thin so I only have to spend 85 bc I can buy kids hehe
if you want good ones ya gotta spend money lol the horse world aint cheap
Thank you... do you know anywhere that has cheap half chaps because usually they are like $100
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