How do you tell your trainer that your ready to advance to a higher level of training?

Show her how much you understand and always seem interested in what she is saying they know what's best for you and the ways you need to improve before stepping to a higher level of riding
You don’t, it’s their job to tell you when you’re ready.
Thanks guys
if you just say I want to jump higher to your trainer they probably aren't going to do it... my trainer would literally say ( and has said bc a girl said it )I don't need you if you think you need to do stuff you aren't ready for ( sorry for my language ) go the hell away ( she said this to a 17 yr old )
Show her what you can do. I had an instructor at a clinic who thought that my horse was uneducated and then I did a walk to canter and she was like oh ok I can start teaching you higher stuff
You show them you’re ready because if you tell them their going to watch you and they determine your level.
You don't tell them you show them
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