Does anyone have any exercises to get my horse to lift his back legs up over a jump? :)

V poles are very helpful
Grid work and more grid work haah
Grid work especially bounces - will encourage his technique to form more of an arch which should help him with his back legs too
V poles
My friends horse had the same problem ( shes at a different barn ) her trainer tried EVERYTHING hoping she wouldn't have to go to extremes but she had to go extremes square poles are what worked
Sorry give a squeeze on take off
V poles, grids and give a squeeze on landing to encourage full movement, or you can purchase some flick boots which go on like fetlock boots and they just encourage the back end out more, however don't use these all the time as the horses can become use to them so only for important things x
And if you want to just give him very little tap on his butt because if you do it hard he might buck
And try spurs
My horse won’t pick up hid back feet either... what I would do is increase the pace by squeezing him before the jump do three squeezes on his belly and give him a LITTLE tap with the CROP
Grid an bounce training ;)
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