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Just started jumping and I'm not sure how to count strides. Any advice?

Just started jumping and I'm not sure how to count strides. Any advice?
Practice practice practice. Set up ground poles or whatever you and your horse are really comfortable jumping that's easy and just keep jumping and counting down from three. As you approach the jump, when you think you're three strides away, count, 3,2,1, wrong or right, do it 1000 times and you will be able to count from 10 strides away before you know it.
Another handy thing is the set up ground poles at a standard 8 or so strides away. And canter through them, first get the 8 strides, then shorten your canter and get 9 strides, and then lengthen and get 7. See how far you can go either side and you'll establish an eye to see how much ground you cover to help see distances. Remember to keep counting and don't worry if you take a while to get it.
Having three canter poles laid out before the jump can give you a vague idea how the last three strides into the jump should look and feel:)
Hey Piper! In my opinion you just have to forget the distance, just canter! :)
you should never let your trainer count for you. everytime you feel a horse take a stride you count one two .... and so on and so forth!!
I always like to integrate pole work into my warm up. A really simple exercise is just putting a single pole on the ground and then start counting you strides up to it. You start at one and then slowly increase the number of strides you can count to
Hi piper,
Usually your instructor wil count for you… My instructor counts my stride for me. But you need to know how to for shows. Hope this helps 😊 . Sincerely, trevor
Hi. In the last 9 metres before the jump, a horse always has to have 3 strides. You can guide yourself from there!