What are some techniques to build trust? My mare has a very strong yet sensitive character and id really like a much better partnership!

Lots of brushing. After you ride or before you ride take her up to the arena or a fenced in area and put the reins over her head. Hen walk and hope that she follows you
As people said before groundwork and just hanging out with your horse are great ways to build trust. Also you could get a tarp or blanket or other "spooky" objects and play around with them. It helps the horse to be more relaxed around you, build her self esteem and get her to think "if this human is with me I am safe, even if there are spooky things lying around"
I spend an hour everyday with my new horse just running around and doing a lot of ground based exercises to build our trust
Spend somemore time doing ground work with her or just hang out together. If you googled Liberty Work with Horses, I do it with my horses and I’ve noticed a massive change in trust. I hope this helps! 😊
When I first got my mare I would just go out and hang out with her in her pasture (her space) so we could just be together. That way it wasn't always if you see me it means work. Idk it was just a small kind of building block to get her used to me
great question longing is great!!
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