Groundwork/natural horsemanship exercises to help with bonding, trust and respect?

Look up Pat Parelli, Monty and Tom Roberts, Double Dan Horsemanship and Clinton Anderson. These guys have great games and solutions.
Glen Stewart levels 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Amazing
I do parrelli with all my horses invluding the babies and I'd say its the first step to respect and a strong partnership with any horse
Touch your horse everywhere with your hands. If he rejects it at a certain places eg. Ears then go back and try again.
Google FEI campus. They have a whole horsemanship course online. It's really cool.
I like to practice some small tricks (like hugs, giving leg and etc..)with food and also teach them how to walk without the rope (following the carrot) and after some time they learn and you don't have to carry your holster everywhere)
I loved doing Join Up with my horse, it improved our bond so much, it's so nice to see the outcome even if it does take a while to get there, I think the most important part of owning a horse is doing the groundwork, you need them to trust and respect you on the ground before you expect them to trust you on their back where they're vunerable
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