Samshield or Kep? Why do Keps have the bragging right of safest helmet?

If it's fits the standard of your country then it should protect your head - they wouldn't allow you to compete in it if it wasn't safe. The most important part is make sure it fits you, it's no more than 5 years old and you haven't fallen off in it as small cracks that you can't see can occur within the helmet
I prefer Samshield 😊
I like both, but currently riding in Samshield, because the KEP doesn't fit me as good as the one I have. They both have good reputation, so the main difference is in design. I think it's more about the shape of your head and with what your feel more comfortable, cause you don't want to have to much pressure or too loose helmet (in both cases it's not safe)
KEP. They say they are the safest helmet because of the tests they made.
You can check everything on their website.
Personally iv always liked the kep and o had a bad fall and my horse landed on my head and I escaped without and harm thanks to my kep
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