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Can competition horses live in the field full-time?

Can competition horses live in the field full-time?
Thanks a lot to everyone!!
My horse hates being stabled and she competes almost every weekend. In my opinion stables are kind of pointless because horses are meant to live outside
Yes for sure. I know people with grande prix dressage horses that keep them in the paddock 24/7
definitely! horses are designed to live outdoors - not only is it better for their muscles,joints,tendons and ligaments but its better for both their immune systems and metabolisms to be at pasture since horses are both semi nomadic (they are always travelling to find food not staying in one spot) and 'trickle' grazers which basically means they require a consistent flow of fiber forage in order to maintain healthy function of the gut and overall health( also walking helps with digestion);plus it's easier and more natural than making sure hay is in constant supply or whatever fibrous feeds your horse would require as a grass substitute.and lastly at pasture your horses are less likely to suffer from boredom during the day which can lead to vices. If you look around you'll see that many top riders including Olympic participants keep their horses at pasture and look at them go :)
I find having my horse stabled, I feel more comfortable, as he will be checked on, and if something was to happen like fireworks, he would be fine, he is also less energetic too!
Yes, I never stable my horses
Yes, and I would recommend to keep them in the field :) maybe put a rug on, but apart from that they should be fine.
Yeah! Mine are always in the paddock
Yes 😊
Sorry if they don't have a winter coat I would put a rug on them😀
Yeas i would recommend a rug if they have a winter coat.It's even better for them to be out as they can act like horses and we try to make their diet as natural and as similar to what it would be in the wild.Horses that are inside too much can usually start stable problems like wind sucking however this is due to boredom and can be prevented by grazing outside and they will not get fat as they have to move in search of grass😀
animals are animals. they are equipped to withstand the natural elements (hot, cold, snow, rain, etc)
depends on the breed some are more vunerable to cold wet etc
Yes - I have competed up to 105cm eventing and 1.15m showjumpjng with my horses living outside all year round. They do get rugged and fed most of the time though