I never bought tall boots and I'm 5'6 will the leg length be complicated for me notice that I'm going to buy the boots online 😂

I recommend that you take note of your size by trying a friends boots or a local supplier first if possible, if not then try to get your boot online from someone who offers exchangeing so you can get the best size.
I bought my first pair online as well and they managed to come out fine. I don't know if this will be the case for you but if anything I thought mine were a little to tall at first and I'm 5'8"
I wouldn’t buy you’re first pair online either as Inês states
im 5'6 as well & wear size 8. ive never had an issue with size 8 being too short on my leg. the smaller your shoe size, the shorter the boot will be.
Hi Faris! In my opinion you shouldn't buy your very first tall boots online. You should go to a tack shop and try different ones and see how they fit you and whether you like them or not because if the ones you buy online don't fit or are too big, you will end up spending more money unnecessarily.
Hope I helped you.
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