When walking a course, how do you count strides?

I stand at the jump take a step out as that is where the horse is either going to take of or land and then I count every four steps as a stride
Regarding the landing and take off distances 1 yard for small fences 80,90 a yard and a half for bigger ones 120 and starting 130 you can count 2 yards for takeoff and landing. 4 yards for each stride in between fences that is 12 foot. If at the end of counting you find extra or missing yards hence its a trick by the course designer and you will have to adjust your horse's stride to fit that.
To actually keep count when walking I count 1,2,3,4 2,2,3,4 3,2,3,4 4,2,3,4 5,2,3,4 etc. but Laura is right in the other sense.
Laura is correct
It's 2 steps for landing and then every 4 steps is one stride and then 2 more steps for takeoff
Take a step out from the middle of the jump don't count that step as it is where the horse lands and then start counting steps so every four steps u take is a horse stride and then when u are at the end take one step away from the second part of the combination as this will be the take off point so don't count that step either
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