I have my horse in a 50g turnout. Just to keep the water off him because he gets rain scald every winter. He's stabled at night. Should I take off the rug of leave it on?

If he's in and the stable isn't warm I'd leave it on so he wouldn't get a cold/flu😀
Oh ya in minus five but for now! This time of year! Leave it on or take it o
Leave it on
I'm from Ireland as well and I would recommend in -5 weather definitely a stable rug at least 50g or maybe even move I have my pony in a 100g shires stable rug best thing ever😀🇮🇪
Sorry got cut off! His rug is mainly to keep the water off him. Live in Ireland so the coldest it will probably get is -5°C and I have a 200g for that. Does he need the 50g on at bight
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