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How do you stop a horse from rearing up out of no where ?

How do you stop a horse from rearing up out of no where ?
Agree with these comments about finding a cause. Check for incorrect fitting tack, get her teeth checked, check for ulcers get a chiro out, make sure she’s not grass affected etc etc. Horses do not rear or play up for no reason
I have experience with horses that do that and the best way to know if a horse is going to rear it throws it head so try turning your horse in circles to help prevent hope this helps
I agree with Susan here.
A horse will rear for a reason. Instead of trying to stop the rearing, look at the CAUSE of why he is rearing and solve that, even if it means going back to basics.
Horses do not rear because they are badly behaved. Punishment through the use of a crop, a yank on the reins, a martingale, etc will do nothing but cause more panic and put more pressure on the horse.
He could be rearing for a number of reasons, of which could include:
- Lack of leadership shown by the owner (moving the horses feet, unclear instruction, etc)
- Pain (incorrect saddle fitting, uncomfortable distribution of the rider's weight on his back, too much bit pressure, etc)
- Lack of trust for the rider (trust is earned through effective training and desensitisation)
Note that rearing is simply the horse communicating to you that he is uncomfortable moving forward. It's your job to earn his trust or remove any possible pain or discomfort so that he feels comfortable to move forward.
Hope this helps!
first of all there is no such thing as out of no where with a horse
biting rearing spooking is not the horse being naughty or erratic but has a certian reason
all you need to do is find a reason for this reaction etc
Do not use a martingale on a horse that rears. Figure out what changed when the rearing started, whether it’s tack or dietary changes. If nothing has really changed, check tack fit and make sure teeth have been floated.

Also, if you don’t have a coach you should get one. Or at least a knowledgeable pair of eyes on the ground that can watch you.
Maybe try to find out what's causing her to rear, check that all her tack fits her including what type of bit you're using. If she's gained weight or lost weight recently her saddle might not fit too? Also use a running martingale to help
Crop and martingale
often a horse will throw its head before it rears,its really important to keep your balance forward and don't pull on the horse's mouth as this can cause the horse to loose its balance and fall or flip,if the rearing is small try keeping the horse's head down or turn it in a tight circle if you feel it coming on,some people use running martingales, I personally don't but it could be \ worth considering if the rearing gets any bigger