I'm currently teaching young kids how to ride and I've tried to make each lesson as fun as possible while teaching them their basics but have no more ideas, any suggestions?

I would always do Simon says, and lots of around the world, touch your toes, touch the pony's tail, touch their ears, hands on head etc, gets them comfortable with moving around on horse and helps balance
when i was little we played around the world, and got to experience riding from the back, side, and
Oh my gosh! My teacher always did red light green light! I loved it! Green was canter, yellow was trot, and red was stop! It was really fun and me and my lesson mates would compete, while our training was saying the colors!
I like playing follow the leader, Simon says, and doing different pole patterns with them
If my trainer did bareback sometimes I would have A LOT OF FUN!! So definately barebackNnn
Thank you everyone for all the advice! You've given me so many ideas, my brain is overflowing right now, I will definitely be putting it all to good use!
Bridle less on the lunge line! It helps with using legs and their seat. And poles plus Cavaletti is super fun too
I use games to teach basic skills. Like pole bending to encourage steering skills, groom box relay race to mix horse management and encouraging to use your legs more to control the horse, putting jumps in between games to keep their interest ect.
You could also do blind folded lesson on a lunge line! Really get them to feel their seat and if you do it over a jump it teaches them not to overcompensate or overly lean foreward putting the horse off balance on a jump. All good things to remember! Get them using that body. Wish someone did that with me when I was young! Need it now let
Bareback lessons! Bitless lessons and stirrupless lessons for balance and posture! Teach them young! Small cross poles
Pony games really helps!
Flag races, weaving etc
Simon says always makes them laugh!
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