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What are your opinions about riding without a helmet?

What are your opinions about riding without a helmet?
I think people should always wear helmets because it does actually protects you, even if just a little bit. That small piece of protection can save your life. But, it is your head.
no! i would rather be safe than sorry👌
A big NO, once I fell, it was a really mild fall but the angle at which I hit my head was quite dangerous. I had a helmet on and I still could not feel half my face for 15 minutes, imagine if I didn't have a helmet on. It is not worth the risk.
Sorta Risky. You only have one head, and I care to live.💚😂
I don’t really like riding w/o one. I know it’s not god but it can save you from death. Some older people at my barn don’t wear one!
I wear mine all the time, I don’t feel safe without
I wouldn't do it not safe. You never know what can happen.
I put a helmet on when i step foot in my yard and dont take it off until i leave! I knock my head on everything let alone horses😂
It's a bad idea I think u should always ride with a helmet but if you are more experienced then maybe you can
I had one bad fall wearing a helmet and I will never get on a horse without one how I was thrown on a road head first I had no idea where I was or what I was doing if I wasn’t wearing one I would propably be dead now
it’s your body, you can do what you want with it. if you’re riding w/o the helmet you’re accepting the risks, and if you’re riding w a helmet, you’re accepting the risks. riding is a dangerous sport, no matter if you’re wearing a helmet or not. it’s up to rider’s discretion and no one ahould just that person for their decision even if it contradicts your opinions
Don't jump without a helmet
Very risky. Even on a safe horse it’s risky to do so because you can never tell when they’ll trip or spook.
I am still learning to ride and had a horrible fall while cantering my horse. I fell head first and got a concussion. My eye was swolen. It could have been very serious if I hadnt had a riding hat on. Happend so quickly and without warning.
I have had the privilege to ride with Courtney King Diye and if you don't know, she has a serious brain ingery from not whering a helmet. I never ever get on my horse without a helmet 🙂
I always ride with a helmet unless I’m getting professional photos taken
I highly do not recommend it! You never know what could happen to you and you need to remember that your life is not worth the “hassle” of putting a helmet on. Even if you’re riding a horse you fully trust, anything could happen and then could spook.
Never ever ever never do that ever 😳
Don’t do it! Anything can happen even when least expected!
Personally I always ride with a helmet but I think as long as an individual is educated on the risks of not wearing one it is ultimately up to them