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Anyone know any breeds of horses that will succeed in the jumper ring?

Anyone know any breeds of horses that will succeed in the jumper ring?
I’m pretty partial to TBs, as they’re incredibly versatile and a lot of them have incredible jumping ability, speed, & heart. However, you typically can’t go wrong with Selle Français & Oldenburgs, as they are built a bit more sturdy and are pretty much always decently successful. TBs can also be a bit much for some people but it’s all about what you want :)
it's according to what jumper ring your talking about!

grand pre/showjumping- warmbloods,maybe a thoroughbred, basically any sport horse (ex. irish sport horse)

hunter- same for grand pre horses except a lot of QH and stockey breeds are nice in the hunter ring ( my personal opinion )

selle francais
I knoe arabians are pretty good.💚
I have a Canadian horse (le cheval canadien) and she was built for jumpers, she loves it!
any warmblood (holsteiners are great, my barn has one by cassini who’s amazing!!), irish sport horses, thoroughbreds (depending on height of jump), or tb cross.
Warm blood. Irish sport horse. Thoroughbred
Any kind of warmblood. I jump a Belgian warmblood, a Lithuanian warmblood and I own a French warmblood. TBs are also great jumping horses depending on the hight you would like to jump. One of my favourite breeds are the Irish sport Horse or Irish draught. Angelo European stud is a great breeding line.
Holsteiners are really nice jumpers and even crosses are really good too
Dutch warmbloods
TB are great horses for everything all around even jumpers, and eventually id you wanted to branch out to hunters or eventing they are very versatile and not a bad horse at all to have😊
Thoroughbreds or TB x warmblood
I have a holstiner and she does very well they are a very flexible breed, plenty of scope. Really any kind of warmblood does well
Irish Sports Horses. There cool and collected and are easy to come back to you whilst still having a bit of spunk to them :)
Kwpn Dutch warmbloods or Swedish warmbloods
Dutch warbloods (Kwpn) and belgian warmbloods i think are doing great now
Kwpn, they are awesome out there! Super powerful, but it is tru that each horse is a different world, work is needed for anyone
Warm bloods
Warmbloods are amazing