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Which do you think is better: draw reins or side reins?

Which do you think is better: draw reins or side reins?
Draw reins are good for a horse who is hard to work with and helps them to try and get there head rounded but the objective for there head to be going down towards the ground
I actually tried side reins yesterday and they had no effect
Oh yeah I think youll find them more effective than side riens then :) I only really use side riens on horses on the lunge who I think should be working over their back more or Im trying to get them to build a topline out of the saddle
I'm using draw reins because my horse does not respond to me half halting in order to get his head down @susangloade
Thanks little creek stud
I often use draw riens very lightly on youngsters who aren't entirely accustomed to "down and round" and I have always found it works wonders and the horses know what Im asking for from then on and I don't use them again.But its super important to go lightly with them and use constant "rewards" pr breaks on a loose rien so the horse doesn't cramp up and start to hate ots job. Hope this helps
I think it depends on your horse and its schooling - I personally prefer draw riens as they can help yourself and the horse develop more of a "feel" and be able to differentiate between a light contact and an ask.
For what purpose?