How to keep a good position over the higher jumps? I struggle with keeping my legs on the girth they tend to swing back and I get a hunchback position. 👎😞

drop your irons & don't pinch with your knees.
Make sure your looking up not down that way your not tipping forward
Try jumping without stirrups. This way to keep from tipping over, your leg will have to stay in the correct position. I also had this problem of kind of ducking when I went over jumps. If you have struggled with that stuff, then just purposefully sit up when you're going over jumps. I hope this was helpful!!
Thanks guys for all the help really appreciate it!!! Ill get there one day 😅
Jumping without stirrups really helps your balance but also jumping some small jumps without reins helps balance your body and move without the pressure
When u do flat ride a little with out sturruips and get ur legs stronger and practice that over some jumps too
No problem! Definetly give your horse a nice release, but try not to throw your upper body forward. When you do that, you tend to pinch with your knees and the lower legs go back.
I had that problem to earlier and I also think it helps if you are a bit lighter in the saddle right before the jump (sorry for bad english). :)
Thank you megan whitaker that makes sense looking at my videos it seems im not waiting for him to jump up to me!
I think of sitting back with my rear and pushing my feet forward (they don’t actually go forward in front of the girth, just the mindset). This usually happens to me if I jump ahead of the horse instead of waiting for them to jump up to me.
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